2014 Chevrolet Corvette convertible

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As usual, the Corvette makes a great looking convertible. The all new C7 carries the tradition.

With the top up, it looks even more like the previous model.
It’s not one of these designs that tries to mimics the hard top models. Like the 911 or Beetle.

It’s just good old fashion Corvette…

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  1. this really looks like a c6 convertible… i wonder if someone will come up with CONVERSION KITS for c6 cinvertibles to make them look like c7s. dude would make a killing i guess.

  2. The convertible top looks nothing like the hard top. This (Once again) is the cheaper looking of the two options. Take the targa, put this convertible to bed

  3. Roofs chopped off, good. Now chop off the ugly new camaro back end, the ugly viper headlights and the jc Whitney chrome grille.

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