2014 Dacia Logan MCV

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This is the wagon version of the 2nd generation Logan. A low cost car from Renault for the European market. And others.
Low cost is the key here. This is not as refined or upscale looking as the new Golf Wagon. Nor as modern as the new Euro Civic wagon.

It is supposed to be roomy and cheap.
The previous model starts at less than 9000 Euros. And that’s including tons of Euro taxes…

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  1. "Envoy do you take Durango here to honor and obey? For sickness and for better or for worse?" Envoy says, "I do!". Durango, do do you take Envoy as your husband. For better and for worse for richer and for poorer? Durango says, "I do". "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

    9 months later. Push Durango push it's alsmost out push baby. The baby comes. Owwww it looks just like it's mama and daddy. The Logan has its mama's greenhouse and it's daddy's tail lights.

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