2014 Dodge Durango

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I must say, I am really not a big fan of big V8 SUVs pushed as family cars.
These pictures are of the R/T version.
It looks OK I guess. I like the Dodge rear lights, which should be used on everything they design.

But the whole thing feels old fashion to me. Still very 90’s.
The interior isn’t that changed either. ( IPosted a pic of the current one to see, at the bottom)
No shifter, new steering wheel and center dash section.

Not much new here….

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  1. A varitable buffet of technology, from configurable gauges to 8-speed V6 (or MDS Hemi+8speed) to video screens & ipod jacks built into the backs of the seats (for rear-seat passengers aka Rolls-Royce.); to HID+LED HEADLIGHTS and aerodynamic "hide-a-way" roof rack". (Console shifter is only on some models–others have paddles or what you see here). The perfect family car to pull a camping trailer or fishing boat! I WANT ONE!!!

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