2014 Honda City/Fit sedan

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This could be quite interesting. Honda has high hopes for the next generation Fit in the US. Especially the new sedan version.
So we’ll be seeing plenty of this “sub-Civic” model.

Seems that things have gotten a bit less “rounded” inside, compared to the current Fit.

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  1. For some reason this looks almost as large as a Civic, but chunkier.

    It may have a smaller overall dimension, but it seems to have a larger interior/trunk space.

  2. Who cares about the sedan? A sedan Fit just doesn't …um… Fit. The 5 door hatch is the only true Fit.

  3. This actually looks like a Corolla, NOT a Honda. Even the round controls on the steering wheel looks like it's from a Camry.

  4. High Hopes?
    Honda hopes it will get people into showrooms so they can sell them a profitable Pilot. No on "hopes" for sales of these profitless tin cans.

  5. Not very progressive for a Honda.. especially a Fit derivative. Where's the radical windshield angle and front quarter windows? I'm thinking this is more like a Yaris sedan..

  6. This is sinilar to our indian hondacity side view n the windshield along with ORVM reminds me of my 2009(current) honda city hopn to get a refreshd model in 2014. Wud be a grt challenge for VW vento n hyundai verna in indian market hope the new 1.5l diesel engine will attract more indians …but my fav wud always be a petrol version luvv u honda for ur smooth,efficient,powerful petrol engines…

  7. This is for sure honda product… the steering wheel is the latest steering design which i have in my new CRV…
    This one is Honda Crider to my knowledge…

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