2014 Kia Soul

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More and better pictures of the new Soul. And it is looking really good.
Interior is also improved.
They did a great job updating a popular design. Something Chrysler was never able, or willing, to do with the PT CRuiser. (Idiots…)

Engines are a 1.6 Liter with 130HP.Or a 2.0 Liter with 164HP.
6 speed manual is available with the 1.6 Liter.

Everything ese is also improved. You know, the usual. It is roomier, more solid, gets better MPG etc…

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  1. Ok… Now these pics are much better.

    Still has that 'SOUL' that so many buyers were drawn to, but adds just enough refinement to possibly draw in a slightly different buyer.

    Nice to see they didn't completely ruin the thing like Toyota/Scion did with the xB/bB transition from 1st to 2nd generation.

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