2014 Lexus IS: different colors don’t help…

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I don’t think this thing will look good in any color. Except it might be just OK in black. Since most of the lines won’t be that visible.
I really wanted to like “the next IS”. But it is hard to go past the visual mess.

It looks like a carnival of bad ideas. It seems that, for some reason, they wanted to keep some of the old design. And infuse it with tacky and vulgar visual elements.

I am sure it is quite a good car to drive. Which makes things even worse.

I will miss the current design….

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  1. So many, as you rightly say, vulgar ideas all in one. See the CTS post below for how a car should be done. Go, Cadillac, go! P.S. Thanks for the recent coverage, Vince.

  2. Dear Lord, that's awful. It's Edsel bad. It's a future textbook case for "What went wrong."

  3. Very funny comments above. I wholly agree. I mouth fell agape when I saw the initial images. "Could that Klingon-vagina front-end be real?" I asked myself. It's positively ghastly. The rear quarter will make fixing that ass difficult. I pity the designers tasked for the emergency facelift given that hard and severely angled bumper-cut. At least the front is all plastic.

  4. As usual Vince I agree with you. I too wanted to like this car so badly, but it truly is the offspring that only a mother could love.

  5. The tail lights make this and the GS lok weak. I am sure it will be a big seller, especially the 250, regardless of what we say. The rear part of the car looks like it was deigned by a kid.

  6. Supposed to be far superior in handling and driving vs. The current IS. With that being said, bring on that Klingon vagina. But that ass is pretty sweet. I'd tap it.

  7. You are all a bunch of haters. This car looks awesome and it will look great in my collection next to my 2005 Pontiac Aztek and 2012 SsangYong Rodius.

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