2014 Mazda 3

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These illustrations from Germany seem super realistic to me. Following exactly the design of the prototypes we have seen now for the past few months.
And they show a great looking car.
This should be another hit for Mazda.

Again, let’s hope the interior looks as good. As the current one is still very nice. But recent models like the CX-5 especially are a big step backward.

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  1. Not quite as handsome as those previous renderings but still one of the very best looking in the compact car class… Exponentially more exciting 'looking' than that same-old-same-old looking new-ish Golf.

  2. I like it. Seems a bit conservative but after all, it is an illustration. Better than the cars Toyota and GM have right now in this segment. I think it will do very well.

  3. Man this is an elegant design, absolutely kills the current black Joker face grill of the current car.

  4. Something's a little "off" on the rear door window in the rear quarter view, but the front quarter view is perfect!! Can't wait to see the 5/Premacy version of this new styling!

  5. Really Vince? You prefer the current Mazda3 interior over the CX-5? I think the CX-5 interior looks much more European, classy and clean than the overly busy 3 interior right now

  6. Contrary to most of the opinions out there, I don't think that the current crop of Mazdas look very good. It reminds me back with the J30, and some other Infiniti models, attempted to look organic, like they oozed out of somewhere or emerged from the sea. Cars that attempt to look organic never look right. There's always that conflict between the zen garden design aesthetic, conventional automotive components, and the necessary functional elements of the car.

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