2014 Mercedes S Class

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The details look pretty amazing on these new “teasers’ from Mercedes. But they already do in the current S Class.
These cars are pretty hard to top with each generation. 
Let’s hope they found a way to make the LCD gauges work and look a bit more realistic than the horrible ones in the Jaguar XJ….

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  1. All the 'high quality materials' in the world can't make up for all the random circles/arcs/shapes littering up this dash… and that 'quilted' nonsense is just tacky.

    Oh Well… Mercedes designs have been pretty dreadful for a while now an form the looks of this, nothing's going to change anytime soon.

    Same old S-Class minus the 1st generation Ford Focus fender bulges with a 'quilted' dashboard courtesy of someone's great grandmother's sewing circle thrown in for some odd reason.

  2. I love it. But I'm not so sure about how I feel with regards to the gauges display running uninterrupted right into the center dash display. And those tweeters placed at the edge end of the A-Pillar looks very awkward, with there already being a speaker shaped similarly right below it. And the circles & Arcs, as DAV pointed out, is a tad pretentious.

    I'm sure when I finally sit in one some time next year at the autoshow, I will be so in awe of it all that I will likely forget about these minor details. It seems Mercedes is returning from its annoying utilitarian, boxy/sharp look, for an organic design language that defined the MB's of the era before the current one we're ending with the current MB range. The CLA, GLA, the refreshed E-class, and even the GL are all pointing the way.

  3. Very nice indeed. And it's about time. The S has been an atrocity unworthy of a price tag over $25k for years now. Finally some legitimate competition for Jag, BMW7, & A8.

  4. Looking promising, seems cutting edge with an emphasis on increasing the lux "gotta-have it" with the Burmester audio.

  5. Hey Dav, the "quilted" nonsense is merely a "copy" of the $350k-$550k Bently's interior. If I can get that kind of style for under $100k I'm extatic!

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