2014 Range Rover Sport

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Nothing official yet, but this is it. The all new Range Rover Sport.
Looking like a cross between the big Range Rover and the small Evoque.
And it works.

As for engines, we might see the V6 in the base model.  As it just appeared in the US for the new larger Range Rover.

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  1. When it comes to any semblance of design progression with these European brands, they're not even trying anymore… Just take the same old tired design and add a fender vent here or a stretch a headlight there and BAM! Here's Your New-Ish Model.

    How Utterly Boring!

  2. Where do they hide these cars? This looks like a random garage. In the back ground there looks to be an old school Jeep Wagoneer. Kind of an interesting visual because the Wagoneer was when these vehicles used to be more utilitarian then sport.

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