2014 Scion tC

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I love the use of the word “New”.
When you know it won’t be a new car. Just, maybe, new bumpers and lights.
If that…

The Scion tC could be a really cool car. If Toyota wasn’t so afraid. What is the point of the whole Scion brand if you don’t take any chances.
At least the interior is a bit better than the FR-S.  But the design is just half way there.
And what would be wrong with offering another interior color? Instead of forcing people into a depressing black cloth.

We’ll see what they came up with for 2014…

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  1. Not only that, but then they photograph it from the angle where nothing has changed at all.. you'd think the teaser pic would highlight something "new" about the tC, but I'm sure the roof and bodysides are completely unchanged.

  2. I would like to comment on this since I own a 2013 (shouldve waited). This car is perfect for its target audience, young people in need of a reliable first car that isnt embarrassing to look at. My manual transmission model is very comfortable on the inside, can fit people in the backseat, and isnt very expensive. The new one could fix a few problems such as the cheap interior, but nothing much more…

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