2014 Toyota Highlander

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You would think a company like Toyota would release better pictures than these super boring studio shots. After making such a big deal of this new Highlander.

It seems like a good looking one. With stronger proportions than before And a really nice interior.
Engine choices are pretty much the same as before.
2.7 Liter 4 cylinder. The familiar 3.5 Liter V6. And the Hybrid. Still using a V6, not a four. So mileage won’t be that amazing…
Weird they didn’t use the more efficient hybrid system from the Camry/Avalon/Lexus Es in this…

Is Toyota design back? A little bit.
I must say the new Avalon catches my eye every time I see one in the streets.

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  1. So Much Ugly… It's really difficult to know where to begin.

    Odd Proportions, silly bulging lights, disgusting front end inspired by Cylons… Just Hideous!

  2. As someone born in 1991 with no idea of what people thought was cool back then, were cars like the 1991 Celica and 1994 Supra what you mean by "Toyota design"? They actually look quite nice to me even today.

  3. they took a Mitsubishi design from a decade ago and put 2008 GMC Acadia fenders on it. "V6, so gas mileage not that good". Dash is…uninspired. I'll bet somebody in the Design Dept gets fired over this one.

    As to your comment about the Avalon catching your eye, I'll be more specific: it catches my eye like a fish hook–not a good thing!

  4. Now I know who designed the new Subaru Forrester. It looks just like this ugly appliance from Toyota. Subaru, wake the eff up!

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