2014/15 Mini Copper

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We have seen the camouflaged exterior before. So nothing really new here, until we see the real thing.
But for the 1st time, we get to se the production interior.

Looks like the moved the speedometer away from the center of the dash.
Which is weird for a Mini.
The steering wheel looks like it is from a BMW. Which could be only for this prototype.

In my opinion, the square vents dont’ really belong right next to the complete circular shape on the dash.
It just looks a bit weird…

Let’s just hope they don’t kill all the Mini personality.

You can see what people are saying about it HERE

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  1. Good job that they relocated the Speedo to a practical location. Now unto the rest of the interior HVAC, totally FAIL as this screams cheep! Cheep! Cheep!

    One inch forward, 12 foot back!

  2. With in-car infotainment being such an important part of car buying decisions these days, MINI had no choice but to remove the huge speedometer. It was using up precious space that must now be utilized for incorporating technology. There's no way they would introduce a new car that didn't allow for a better display of connectivity.

    It's a marketing decision as much as a design one. And probably the right thing to do. (Though MINI purists will scream).

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