2015 Nissan Maxima???

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This was sent to me.
Not sure, but it could be the next maxima. Or what else?

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  1. The silhouette/greenhouse has a very KIA/Peter Schreyer look to it… as does the well-proportioned/cohesiveness/cleanness of the front fender line from the A-pillar forward.

    Nissan has been doing these really ridiculous looking bulges all over the hood/fenders/headlights for a while now so this really doesn't look like a Nissan design.

  2. If it is a Maxima, is this a Genesis competitor or an Avalon/Taurus/300/Lacrosse/Impala/Charger competitor? Looks good!

  3. Nissan Spyking says…..It's the Maxima. I'm driving it. Looks a lot like the new Audi hatchbacks and will be AWD. That's all I will say.

  4. Perhaps it's Renault?
    Renault designs are much cleaner and simpler, but still has similarities to Nissans'

  5. I agree, it has that ugly Nissan wheel style that is on the new Altima so it's probably the Maxima. It will also probably have a CVT and the ancient, thrashy VQ35DE. The Maxima needs to stop being just an overweight Altima.

  6. The Maxima is irrelevant … Sales numbers show this…until they want to make it rwd – who cares.

  7. My choice has flipped to DAV's, I don't know how I didn't see that, the rear tail-lights being so high up was literally lifted off of the Kia concept foreshadowing the Genesis sedan. This has to be the Genesis. Especially when you consider the cleanness of the A-pillar forward.

    That, or this could be the Renault that Mercedes was supposedly going to build, but has recently cancelled. We'll see.

  8. Unfortunately, it could be just about anything. It's hard to get excited about one more shapeless appliance.

  9. Could be next TL which is supposed to become closer in size to TSX and would get redesign within a year.

    Although Maxima is also due for designs. They all look similar who knows…

  10. Most likely a 2013/2014 Altima from the looks of it.Looks like it has a spoiler that has camo on it. The rear quarter window was my hunch on this one. Also what you can see of the wheels and tail lights.

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