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So far, the Vios has been a small car based on the Yaris sedan. For the South east Asia, China and Taiwan markets.

This next one doesn’t really look like a sedan version of the current Yaris.
Could it be based on the next Corolla? (Although these wheels look quite small…)

Is this the next Corolla? What do you think?

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  1. That's definitely Yaris-based, and if Honda follows through on bringing the next-gen Fit-based City sedan to the US, the Vios will quickly follow.

  2. Seriously Now… That thing's right up there with Nissan's horrendous looking Versa sedan when it comes to being UGLY!

  3. no, that looks a lot more proportionate than the Versa. I like all versions of the Vios/Soluna – this would be the 2nd gen. This would be more of a spiritual successor, design-wise, to the 1st gen. The 2nd gen looked too much like the Yaris but it did have its charms. But definitely better design than the Versa old and new…

  4. I am a huge fan of the Versa and I own one. It is reliable, comfortable and gets 60 MPG hwy ( canada) . and No i do not sell them for a living. My main vehcile is an Infiniti fx35

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