2014 Mercedes CLA45 AMG

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This isn’t for me. Black wheels, dark windows and all.
But still. It is hard to ignore a company that can produce 360HP out of a 2.0 Liter engine.

No matter what, this must be quite a ride.

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  1. That droopy butt make it look like it's carrying a couple tons of bricks in its trunk, those round air vents look to have absolutely nothing to do with any other interior design element (save the gauges) and the media/nav screen looks like some cheap 100.00 tablet/bracket combination rescued from the WalMart bargain bin plopped on the dash as an afterthought.

    Just an All-Around Failure of Design – Let's just hope its performance is up to snuff…

  2. Design is not bad… at least better then the 320i. Unfortunately, even the basic 320i will undoubtably out-handle this thing ( as it does every other Mercedes sedan). The real problem is that folks buy the 328i & 335ix for their handling & performance and in SPITE of poor styling. I don't think Mercedes has style that's ENOUGH better than a (comparably priced) BMW to take any sales away. And the A4 looks arguably as good as this so no gains there either.

  3. I like the design. The one thing that does bug me a bit is how the car sits on the wheels. They just seem too small for the car from some angles. I do love the interior, the round vents look good and share the family resemblance with higher-end MB's. The Nav could be better integrated I suppose.

  4. Has a designed in China knockoff feel to the design. It is not easy to design a smaller car, but this does not look appealing as a baby CLS.

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