Bring the Opel Cascada to the US.

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Not the 1st time we’ve seen this, but it is again in the news thanks to the Geneva auto show.

And again, this would be the perfect Buick Convertible in the US.
It is the right size, a bit longer than the Audi A5. And even a bit more upscale than the Regal/Insignia.

This could be what the Chrysler 200 Convertible wasn’t able to be.
A good looking, good driving convertible.

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  1. GM can not continue to re-badge Opels as Buick's… its a lazy approach that will eventually kill the brand. With that said, I like this car a lot, but it should get all new sheet metal before it's badged a Buick. I had so much hope for Buick's design direction when the Enclave was first introduced… that hope has faded. Opel's styling is pretty dull.

  2. What's with the Chrysler 200 tail lights?

    Anyway… Looks nice enough but hardly anything special enough that the US can't do without it.

  3. Anonymous said…
    GM can not continue to re-badge Opels as Buick's…

    @ Anonymous
    Buick's using european Opel desings is called rebranding.
    Rebadging would be selling the same Opel here is the U.S., but with two different grilles and nameplates as both a Buick and a Chevrolet.

  4. The Enclave seems to have been designed around the same time as the Lucerne and first-gen Lacrosse. Those models are no longer being sold; it's time for Buick and its geriatric base to move on. All of Opel's designs are clean, modern, and classy which is the direction Buick should be heading.

  5. o:k, but we have a ton of tiny soft-tops already. Given a choice between this and the Chrysler200/Flavia; the Chrysler wins hands down. Just don't see a need for one more too tiny soft-top. The only direct competitor would be the VW EOS, and you sure don't see many of those around!

  6. This is much larger than the Eos. Even longer than the A5.
    The 200 is really cheap looking.
    It just cannot compete in the segment anymore…

  7. In the last 6 months I've test-driven the following Convertables: Audi 4, Infinity, Mercedes E, Chrysler 200, Volvo, BMW 3, 3M, and 6. It came down to the Chrysler & Volvo in the end. But with Volvo's dubious quality issues (under Chinese Management) I went with the Chrysler. ( had enough left over to also buy a BMW sedan–which I also got) Don't knock the 200 till you've driven it. Others may be better in 1 place here or there (although Chrysler wins hands down on room); but overall, the Retractable Hardtop Chrysler does everything well. It simply has no competition at this point in time. At least that was my conclusion after many hours of comparing them all.

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