Fisker leaves Fisker.

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Automotivenews reports that Henrik Fisker has resigned from the company he co-created.
This is sad news.
I just wonder if he was against selling the company to the Chinese. The reason given is ” major disagreements with executive management on business strategy”.
So that’s what it sounds like to me.
It is always sad to see the founder of a company leave its own dream.

I guess now chances to ever see the new Atlantic car are pretty slim. Unless someone shows up with a few hundred million dollars….

You can read the whole story HERE

On a personal note, I feel really bad for Mr. Fisker.
As I recently had to go through a similar experience. (Not in the car business, but TV)
Where a dream I worked on for years was taken away because of  “major disagreements with executive management”.

Things can be tough…

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  1. Sometimes those who come up with ideas and start businesses are not the right people to grow them as successful business plans.

  2. Yes, Groupon is another example of the founder having the initial idea, but not being the right person to run or expand the business. Steve Jobs was kicked out of Apple for similar reasons and came back wiser after his failure at Next.Car designers are probably not the best people to run a car company, hence why car companies are usually run by MBAs or engineers

  3. I think this may be the best thing for Fisker.. the man and the brand. It really should be rebranded as Karma, and the current sedan could be called Pacific to go along with the upcoming Atlantic.

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