Honda Civic Tourer Concept

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This is pretty much the wagon version of the Euro Civic that will go on sale in just a few months.

For Honda, the word “Concept” now means a production car with larger wheel and blue headlights.
At least that’s what they’ve been doing for the past few years with these fake concepts…

It does look pretty modern. More modern and stylish that anything they offer in the US.
Too bad…

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  1. What is it with those silly protruding blistering light clusters that turns on Japanese designers so much? The tail lights on this concept protrude like a cheap lame Autozone accessory.

    If they smoothed that out and brought this here (in Si form also) I bet this would sell. I'd love a Civic Si wagon. Alas, however, we are not worthy of Honda's wares so Mazda3 or Ford Focus hatches it is.

  2. For a hatch, there is always the GTI! A year ago I went from a 2007 Si sedan with nav to a 2012 GTI (6 speed manual with nav) and man, how I love this GTI! Honda has dropped the ball on hot hatchback vehicles. I'd love to see this wagon here in the U.S. in Si form as well.

  3. its about time Honda found someone who could design something other than the standard issue appliance they are known for….i'd buy it!

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