Jeep targets 250 000 a year for all new Cherokee.

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Good luck!
I am not saying the new Cherokee is bad, or won’t sell.
I actually like the design from what we’ve seen so far. And think it’s about time they had the guts to come up with something different and modern.

But 250 000 is a huge number.
Last year the best seller was the CRV, again. Honda sold about 281 000 of them.
Next was the new Escape with about 261 000 units.

The new Cherokee would have to beat everything else in that segment Including the RAV4, Nissan Rogue and Chevy Equinox.
Again, good luck.

This reminds me of their 50 000 units a year goal for the Fiat 500’s 1st year in the US.
Which turned out to be a more realistic 19 000.

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  1. Really liking the boldness/distinctive look of this front end as well as the overall muscularity of the entire vehicle.

    Looks absolutely sinister in dark colors and I have no doubt that they'll meet these sales goals.

  2. Not with that face it won't… no way there will be a quarter million of this fuggly ass faces on the roads… no way.

  3. You've got to be kidding.. I have the feeling that this thing will achieve Pontiac Aztek levels of sail, even with profit-sucking incentives. I wonder if Gilles is going to make a video defending that abortion of a front like Tom Peters did the Vette rear.

  4. I generally have an appreciation for distinctive cars. I own an Evoque, a 91 Grand Wagoneer, have owned a bunch of old british roadsters, think the Ford Flex is awesome, and hate the conventional designs of 90% of the cars on the road.

    But ugly is ugly. And this is not a good looking car. Maybe people will show compassion for it, like the kid in class with Down Syndrome. But I wouldn't count on it that people will spend money on it.

  5. I think it will grow on you, like a unique hand-crafted Stout made in small batches in Ireland. Besides, if NISSAN can sell JUKES and Toyota can sell… anything; imagine how well something that caters to the vast sea of loyal Jeep customers with better MPG they they've ever imagined possible in a trail-rated, under $30k SUV. It'll sell like Camry's!

  6. Someone must have gotten the "Juke" memo…. That is one ugly truck. The front end looks like someone was messing with the mouse during the design process.

  7. This is a very polarizing design and not good for the Jeep brand or future sales of this disfigured farce on wheels.

  8. "This is a very polarizing design "

    FYI, that's the DEFINITION of GOOD DESIGN. When Dodge RAM came out with the 1993 "big rig" look; 1/2 the peole loved it and 1/2 hated it. Dodge went from 6% of the US Truck market to 30% in 1-1/2 years. When you're the underdog (like Liberty is to CRV/RAV4/etc) you need to be polarizing to grab a bunch of market share. The 1/2 who hate it are of no concern when you have less that 1/2 of the niche!

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