More pictures of the all new 2014 Range Rover Sport

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And looking great inside as well.
The interior is also a cross between the larger Range Rover and smaller Evoque.

The Evoque interior is one of my favorite.
This is great. Makes the Japanese competition from Lexus and Infiniti look so old and almost vulgar.

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  1. To get the full Luxury interior like that, the price would also certainly be in a different stratosphere than the Japanese competition. None of the Range Rover branded products have direct competition when comparing size/price. thats part of why they are unique. They are entirely frivolous when seeing the cost for what u get, but thats part of what makes it a Super premium product. Although I'd still rather get a lesser optioned range rover sport than a fully equipped qx or gx. Expect the pictured car to cost at least 85000 dollars. Expect poor reliability when compared to the japanese competition as well. i have a land rover. i know.

  2. I have an Evoque, which I love. For what I spent on it, I could have gotten a Sport. But I like the sporty style of the Evoque compared to the boxiness of the previous Sport. I have a feeling this new one will be my next car.

  3. You don't really know how unreliable poor quality can be untill you take your Lexus off road. (I found out the hard way with my LAST Lexus) THAT'S UNreliable! And yes, it will be my LAST Lexus!

  4. I am driving a Corolla and clean cars at the local Range Rover dealership. They told me to tell you that Range Rovers are expensive and for suckers. And the icing is on the cake when you buy them and spend half the time repairing them. The delaership is haviong a ball. But that is the beauty of pretending to be snob, you pay a lot and you get little. "Oh honey, have you noticed how they are looking at us in out Range Rover?

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