New Mercedes Compact SUV

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This is supposed to be what the raised up SUV like version of the A Class looks like.
The might call it “X Class”, or “GLA Class”. Or whatever…

It is pretty much the same recipe Volvo is using with the Cross Country version of the new V40.

AWD, a little higher, some black/dark grey trim here and there, and there you go. A “new” car.

Since we are not getting the regular A Class (except for the CLA sedan), we might be getting this instead.
They still thing we don’t like hatchbacks unless they look more like trucks.

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  1. burlappcars exclusive? Thanks for the scoop vince, the best looking of all 3 models. I'm having a hard time believing this is the GLA though… and if it is, a mini-G class, I was hoping… would have been a little bigger.

  2. Easily the most pleasant-looking Merc in a decade (save those silly/cheap looking X-Mas Lights strung over the headlights).

  3. Is this really based on the Quashqai? Hmm… the partnership is far deeper then I would have though, I simply thought this was the third alternative of the A-class, unless the A-class itself is not an MB developed platform, and part of its partnership with Nissan/Infiniti.

  4. Nissan ( Infiniti) /Renault/Mercedes are now sharing platforms, Drivetrains, tecnology. Sounds Like a win win from three strong companies. I was not sure how the Nissan Renault alliance would go, but it has been very fruitful.

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