Porsche Macan

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These still look like illustrations. But they seem really close to the prototypes that we have seen for years now.

Very promising. It also looks like it will be quite a threat to the lower end models of the larger Cayenne.
I think most people will be satisfied with a slightly smaller SUV from Porsche.

You get the same name for a lot cheaper. Which is why most people get these things, for the Porsche name.

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  1. The Cayenne, 50% of Porsche's sales, is already not a very big SUV to begin with, I imagine this will be on par with the audi Q5? I like it retaining the Cayenne look, and prefer its thinner taillamps. It will give the X3 a run for its money & probably help Porsche's product lineup become 75% dependent on SUV's???? lol, never would've imagined Porsche becoming an SUV company.

  2. Looks like nothing but a Shrinky-Dink version of the Cayenne… Which is to say – Same Old Boring Porsche design themes.

  3. "Macon". Funny. Sounds like the name of a redneck wanta-be from Georgia. Suppose that's the target?

  4. It's called "watering down the Corporate image to chase short-term sales". Just like Ford did with the Thunderbird in the '80s. And Cadillac did with the Cimmeron. And you know how those ended. Short term bump in profits followed by years of permanently lost market share and decades of intense spending trying to regain it. Good Luck, Porsche.

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