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 If this is for real, it means the next WRX would have its own design, instead of being an “unglyfied Impreza” with a huge rear wing and gold wheels.

This one is a very nice design.
It should really be what the Impreza look like.

But somehow, I really don’t trust Subaru with their Concepts.

 Remember this one?

It was going to be the next Impreza. And it looked really nice. Besides the big wheels and no rear mirrors or door handles, it could really have been the next Impreza.
A clean, modern design.

A few months later we got this.
Just different enough to look like it came out in 1996.

So I’m not holding my breath about the blue concept above actually becoming the next WRX…

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  1. The WRX is deeply rooted in rallying. I'm not sure such a squat design works for rally. It does look good though.

  2. Might it be time to differentiate the WRX the way Nissan separated the GT-R from the Skyline or Toyota did the Supra from the Celica?

  3. "I really don't trust Subaru with their Concepts."

    Vince… I couldn't agree more and the actual vehicle will likely just be another dumpy looking Subaru like all the rest.

    Subaru hasn't done anything remotely attractive since the SVX in the 90s, and even that was flawed in many ways.

  4. They have said there won't be any reference to "Impreza" in the next WRX.. I think they should build the STi just as the concept shows, and offer a less contented WRX version as their compact 4-door coupe.

  5. Agreed. I drove one of these in Sept when I bought a new car. I really loved the 2011 Impreza wagon but shouldnt have waited. I thought the updates might be worth the wait after seeing the concept… they weren't. It has Toyotas finger prints all over it (under powered, poor AC/ventillation, dowdy styling. I can only hope that Subie, seeing the success of the Crosstrek, will understand how far they've departed from the cars that made them successful, and they'll move to constantly improve the Impreza as they did with the problems of the prior generation Impreza.

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