Volvo V60 in the US?

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 It looks like Volvo is reconsidering selling the V60 wagon over here.

US dealers are asking for more models. As the C70 convertible and C30 compact are going away. And these models are not being replaced in the US. Plus the S80 is getting old.

Volvo also had announced a couple of years ago they wouldn’t be selling wagons in the US anymore. (One of the dumbest decisions by any car makers in years)

Well now guess what. They are saying the really cool looking V60 wagon might be sold here after all.
A good thing. It is basically a straight wagon version of the S60 sedan. So not really replacing the V70 or the smaller V50. It is in between these two.

You can read all about it OVER HERE at Automotive News.

Now how about doing some more “re-thinking” and bring us the really cool Volvo we can’t get:
 The all new V40 hatchback!

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  1. Wow, I just noticed how similar the body/proportions and a few other details are to the Focus hatch.

    Either way, they should still sell it here. This is strange…in a world where Caddy has a full lineup and Volvo has slim pickings.

  2. V40 is too small for US market plus European reviews didn't like it that much.

    V60 looks fine but not sure if that's enough for Volvo

  3. Volvo is just another niche brand that has lost its vision. It's a Swedish brand owned by the Chinese and has an asian spokesperson, which is unappealing to the traditional WASPy buyers. The designs are generally quirky and stylish, but this latest update is bland. The cars are old, Ford-sourced platforms that have reached the end of their shelf life. Volvo has nothing going for it right now.

  4. I have a feeling that the V40 Cross Country will be sold in the US as the XC40 as soon as 2015.. but the V60 probably won't get here until the next-gen XC90, S80 and V80/XC80 debut, which should be around 2016. Then the next-gen XC60 could inherit the XC70 name, and the Cross Country version of V60 could become XC60.

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