Why so many dashcams in Russia?

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Answer: Insurance scams!

It’s quite amazing. The problem seems to bad that most people protect themselves by installing small cameras in their cars.
It does make for some funny videos on Youtube. But it is a sad situation….

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  1. this is has to be the worse country i n the worl d the red s are e dthe devil im agine owning a car in that horr irble place i has t the commu nsit are just npt suppoes rto be f driving any way!11111!!

  2. News reports about this have said that the Russian people are so afraid of getting screwed by corrupt government officials; the police, organized crime thugs (etc.), they have been forced to record everything that happens to them … as a small measure of security.

  3. after the "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" flew apart at the seams; the only really sucessful income-generator and job-creating-industry; has been organized crime (both inside & outside the Socialist Government). Therefore you have more "vigilante police" aka "concerned citizens" who fear not only blatent criminals, but even more so–corrupt officials . Cameras are proof that you've been wronged by "big brother" and often the only chance the "mark" has of proclaiming their innocence in a system that is inherently corrupt. You don't have competitors watching each other and crying "foul" when one gets out-of-line because all vehicles are made by Government-Owned & Operated Companies. (As oposed to GM pointing out the flaws & wrong doings of Toyota or Ford & Vice-versa).

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