2014 Chevrolet Corvette price.

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It will start at $52 000. Or just $1400 more than the previous model.

So again, the Corvette is a good deal. An even better one now, since the car looks much better. Has a much nicer/higher quality interior, and even more power with the new 6.2 Liter V8.

GM also claims it will be getting 30MPG on the freeway, vs 26MPG for the current model.
Which is quite amazing for a 450hp car.

It comes standard with a new 7 speed manual, rear view camera and Bose sound system.
Other models are the 2LT for $56 205. And 3LT for $60 000. With a few more stand alone options available as well.
Again, pretty good for such a car.

The new convertible costs $5000 more.

The problem is not the car. The current one is already nice and the new one is supposed to be much better.
It’s the image. I am not sure the new car will do much to change this. No matter how good it is.
Mostly old guys are driving Corvettes.  I am not sure anyone shopping for a Boxter or a Z4 will step into a Chevy dealership.

Which is too bad….

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  1. I'm guessing what might actually turn things around for Corvette's sales and image will be the non-Stingray base model that is expected for 2015.. with less extreme styling and a nearly-as-powerful turbo V6 aimed directly at Z/Boxster intenders, plus a likely $6-8K price cut, I think it will redefine the future of the 'Vette for the younger set.

  2. They should put the ford 2.0L EgoBoost in it to lower it to 20 MPG.

    I bet if you put this 6.2L in the Ford Escape, it would get 30 highway instead of 26 with the stupid EgoBoost crap.

  3. Stunning In Every Way… Truly A Benchmark for the World, ALL at a Rather Welcoming Price Point.


  4. I am having a really difficult time with this, particularly the tail end. Other than that, it's looks fine I suppose. It's essentially the same design as the last two generations, just a bit more crisp and less cheap. If you loved the C5 and C6, you'll be happy with the C7. For most of the rest of us, it just looks very predictable. Frankly, I was hoping for something completely different. It's clear that the Vette team feels that they need to stay loyal to their audience. Whoever that is anymore.

  5. I am not a fan of GM at all. However, this car, other than the rear , is a well done piece as far as looks go. I have not driven one, but am certain it will perform well given what it is. Thumbs up and a good value.

  6. "I am not sure anyone shopping for a Boxter or a Z4 will step into a Chevy dealership."

    thats kind of the point. its a mature car for a mature audience

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