2014 Chevrolet Cruze diesel rated at 46MPG

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GM just announced official numbers for the upcoming Cruze diesel in the US.
It is rated at 46MPG HWY.
Starting price is $ 25 700.
Which is just 4MPG than the $ 21 000 Eco model.
Although the Diesel model does have more standard equipment, like leather and automatic.

But, at least in California, Diesel is usually much more expensive than regular gas.
GM is also comparing it, of course, to the Jetta Diesel. Which is rated at 42MPG HWY.
From personal experience, the VW diesel has always returned over 50MPG on the freeway.
So 46MPG for the Cruze might be a conservative number.

Looks like Diesel is really making a come back in the US.
As Mazda is also planning diesel versions of the Mazda6 and CX-5 in the US soon.

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  1. I'm excited about this motor. I don't love the Cruze but it seems like a well-put together car for a GM product. I'll minimally give it a test drive. I wonder if VW has a plan to compete w/ the torque that this Cruze TD and Mazda 6 SkyActiv-D are putting out? I'm a VW customer now but could easily be swayed by more torque/ same mileage/ same price.

  2. I think the Cruze is at least as good as the current Jetta. And has a better interior.
    I too cannot wait to try this.

    But an all new Cruze is due in about a year from now.
    I would wait for the new design….

  3. Out of all luxury sedans of Indian market,Chevrolet Cruze got some stunning features and a style enigma which makes it a better option than other sedans.People just love to drive it.

  4. Diesel prices are 10% higher than gas on average in the US. That will wipe-out any savings.

    Torque differences aren't a big deal anymore because of 6+ speed transmissions. The transmission can just shift to where the torque is. Back in the days of 3 speed autos, you had to choose between a gear that had no torque, and one that revved the engine way too high.

  5. Re: Les. I hear you, but personally, even w/ a multitudinous ratios, I love the steamroller torque. I'm sure you've flown in a large airliner at altitude and they make a speed adjustment- There is a tremendous push with little noise- I love that feeling and am willing to pay more for the fuel/ MSRP.

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