2014 Fiat 500XL

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If you need more room than the 5 seater 500L, don’t worry. The even longer XL 7 seater version is coming out soon.
Although not in the US.
The next 500 we will see will be the small Crossover version.

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  1. sat in the 4 door 500 in toronto auto show…hugely disappointing , tinny doors, closing them sounded like a modern day lada…yuk

  2. Sure this will bring in curious customers who find the 500 (coupe) too small, but the FACT remains that this vehicle shares very little with the current 500 (coupe).

  3. The current car is not a coupe. It's a 2 door subcompact hatchback. That's just marketing BS…coupe…please.

  4. This is the fuglyest, retarded bastard of a car I've ever seen (in a long time)
    The 500 was a good design; cute and stylish. Piggy-backing this on the 500/Topolino name is a crime.

  5. @ Anon 5:33, but the 500 IS a coupe, just not this perfectly long-legged car that "purists" expect coupes to be. It's not that great of hatch, that's for sure.

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