2014 Porsche Panamera

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Subtle changes for the big Porsche sedan.
They could have made the back end look a little more like the stunning Panamera Wagon Concept, but they decided not to…

I had to pull old Pix of the current model to be able to tell the differences.
You can see for yourself.

A new Plug-in Hybrid model will be added for the new year. With a total of over 400HP, from a V6 and electric motor.
With a range of 22 miles on electric only.
This sounds like it could be what the Fisker Karma wanted to be. Except, from a solid brand, not about to file for bankruptcy…

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  1. Personally… as someone who's driven the Panamera on numerous occasions, I don't even find it to be 'nice (looking) on the streets', just imposing and ungainly with one of the most convoluted and ridiculously button-laden center stacks/interiors in existence.

    Anyway… So they slightly changed the lights/bumpers – Big Deal… It's still a Bloated Mess of a Design.

  2. Looks beautiful in the streets….massive.

    Needs more electric range BADLY. Should be at least 200 miles.

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