2014 Toyota 4Runner

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 Toyota has just released these 2 small teasers of the “new” 4Runner for 2014.
How new is it?

These are pix of the current model. As you can see, there isn’t much “new” for next year.

I have barely seen the current 4Runner around. It came out in late 2009, at a time when truck based SUVs weren’t that popular anymore.
The Highlander is the new popular choice from Toyota.

So I guess they’re not spending tons of cash on revising the old fashion 4Runner.
I just wonder if they will even replace it when the time comes for an all new one.
They can pull a “New Pathfinder” on us and turn this into a 7 seater Crossover, since the Highlander already offers 7 seats.

Maybe it’ll just go away….

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  1. The current 4Runner is likely the single most grotesque-looking vehicle on the road, so anything short of a completely re-design won't be enough.

  2. The 4runner has always been a crude, rude, piece of junk. And these minor trim changes don't change that. The suspensions, ride, off-road capability, on-road handeling & ride; are all 10 years behind Explorer, Pilot, Arcadia, Envoy, Pathfinder, and Durango. And a solid 30 years behind Grand Cherokee.

  3. That's what i thought Vince. but in their article on the refresh, motortrend claims the 4runner outsells the sequoia, fj, land cruiser AND THE VENZA?!? Who is buying this ghastly truck?

  4. It's safe to say that the MMR 4 Runners get Projectors and LED brakelights. This happened last time as well. Now there's a pattern.

    – FusioptimaSX

  5. Yes, the 4Runner outsells Venza, Sequaia and Land Cruiser. So does just about every other vehicle made. Whey was the last time you saw a newer Land Cruiser?

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