2014/15 Mercedes C-Class

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Now that the S Class is almost out, the next one for MErcedes is the redesigned C Class.
This illustration shows what it could look like.
And it is probably close to the real thing. Since it looks like a small S Class…

the new C Class will be a bit larger than the current model. A new Diesel model will be available in the US. As the redesigned Coupe and an all new convertible model.

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  1. This thing looks nothing like a 'small S-Class', especially not a smaller version of the 2014 S-Class a vehicle featuring a dramatically droopy/bulbous rear end, over-szed grille and melted-plastic front air inlets.

    'This' looks like nothing more than the current C-Class with a mildly re-drawn front end…At Best.

  2. The C Class has to get bigger to make room for the CLA.

    That means that the next E Class will be as big as an S Class, and the S Class will be as big as a prom limo. I guess that makes sense, people don't buy S Classes to drive them anymore.

    Let's hope Mercedes doesn't screw-up this new car. The current C Class is one of the only reliable cars that they've made in decades.

  3. I don't know. It doesn't look ugly, so much as I'm worried that this is the look that will carry the car through 2020? I'm sure I'll retract that once the car fully comes out, and I've had a chance to see it in person.

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