2015 BMW Z2

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Of course, this is just an illustration.

The current Z4 is so expensive (over $10 000 more than the previous generation).
I am sure there is room for something cheaper in the line up.
Another convertible couldn’t hurt.

After coming up with so many SUV’s it would be nice to see a sporty BMW once in a while…

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  1. Seriously… BMW's current fascination with concave hoods/bonnets is not attractive at all.

    As for this 'thing' – It'll likely sell well enough (to the German badge whores) though there'll likely be no practical reason to buy it over Mazda's awesome handling (and iconic) Miata/MX-5.

  2. Not sure if "Dav" means convcave or convex but the raised hoods and tall, blunter front ends are dictated by pedestrian crash standards and forcing all automakers into creative styling. I personally like the "bullnose" look because it looks powerful and purposeful.
    LOVE the front fender line as it curves in parallel with the front wheel opening and I think this is the best version of the classic BMW grill ever.
    The sculpted flank lines are becoming generic…that lower line is common from Fiesta to Mercedes now. Time for new ideas in this area.

  3. I like the sharp angles–but the wide grinning grill is a bit too much. And Dav… the Mazda is a great car–for the price. But it's no BMW.

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