Another sad Mitsubishi: the Concept G4

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Yet another horrible design from the Chinese Auto show.
And they call it a concept!

Nothing more than a sedan version of the new Mirage. Itself one of the worst designs around.

I am not sure at this point if Mitsubishi even has the will to survive….

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  1. It seems that they and Suzuki are battling it out for who can be the more irrelevant car company.

    If the two teamed up and pooled resources, Mitsu could take on Kia and Scion with urban-hip-young-fun-cool cars, and Suzuki can be the more mature, poor-man's mercedes brand to take on Hyundai, Ford, VW, and Toyota.

  2. I'm really trying to figure out how someone does not get fired for even proposing something as horrible as this design, much less wasting the resources to develop the concept vehicle. Good Lord.

  3. I too am very sad for Mitsubishi. (And I work for a competing car manufacturer). As a teen in the 80s and 90s, I'd look to Mitsubishi as a source of inspiration- Their technical innovations and concepts were second to none. What happened? I hope they can find their way and reclaim their greatness.

  4. Mitsubishi used to be considered an innovative, youthful brand. In the 80s, it rode the same wave as the rest of the Japanese brands. But Mitsubishi was much more technology-focused because their engines were turbocharged. Plus the design of their dashboards were exciting because they borrowed cues from Mitsubishi electronics during a time when personal audio was a new and exciting industry. Sadly, they've gone down the path of most Japanese brands, and have become boring, outdated and poorly designed. They will probably end up like Suzuki and Isuzu, who are gone.

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