BMW Concept X4

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This is pretty much the production version right here. Just like they did a while ago with the 4 Series concept.
It looks really nice. At first, is seems just like a small X6. But there are quite a few differences .
This also seems nicer looking to me than the recently released 3 Series GT hatchback. 

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  1. Looks like an X6 that someone squeezed (front to back) in a vice. (much as the X6 looks like an X5 that someone stepped on in the back).

    Yet another completely unnecessary 'niche' vehicle from BMW, except this one's proportions are even more cartoonish.

  2. I don't understand why BMW keeps building these dreadful hunchback SUV "GT" versions of their sedans. Does anyone buy these?

  3. I love the concept of making a smaller x6, and overall it's not bad. What I don't like though is the front end, and the way the belt line crease works into the front fender. In my opinion the x3 is horrible, and the front end is the link to the x3.

  4. Front and especially back are nice but the double side creases are horribly tasteless. This makes it look like a Chinese BMW rip-off. What were they thinking? While the X6 is a car nobody needs, at least it is good looking (IMHO).

    Even if I had the money and were in the market for something a bit more extravagant, those creases on the X4 are a complete dealbreaker.

  5. So the X4 is smaller than the x3 ??? Confusing, to say the least. And, what they REALLY REALLY NEED BADLY is a 7-passenger SUV. (like the Tahoe,Durango,Enclave,Traverse,Explorer, Audi Q7, Mercedes GL, upcoming VW, Nissan& Infinity, etc.etc.etc.) The x5 doesn't count–can't even fit a couple 10-year-olds in that 3rd seat (I tried!–then I bought something else) Why so much emphasis on tiny 4-door fastbacks???

  6. How many dang variants does BMW need? They seem to be trying to cover every imaginable segment. They are doing the same with Mini. Unnecessary!

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