Buick Riviera Concept

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 Another good looking concept. One that will, again, just stay a concept. As I don’t think Buick is actually planning a coupe.
Which is really too bad.

This is the PR BS that came with it:
“The new Riviera offers a preview of Buick’s future design language”…

Here is the other Riviera concept. From 2007.
They also were saying this:
“A concept car designed to showcase Buick’s new global design direction”.

6 years later, I don’t see much of the Lacrosse, Regal or Enclave in this…
And still, no coupe….

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  1. Both are stunning though I do find the 2007 version a bit more attractive overall.

    Let's see if they'll actually bring a 'production' version to showrooms…

  2. The only styling cues they brought from the 2007 concept are the overwhelming grille (pretty much across the line) and the gaping holes beneath the headlights (on the Encore). I hope they can do something with the new Riviera concept, I particularly like the way the rear window sort of recalls the boat-tail Riv without being retro.

  3. We had Rivieras when I was beginning driving age wee had a 65,67 and 69. They were great cars. I was wondering when this car would return…?

  4. This is nice. Whether it's this or something else, BUICK DEFINITELY (and desparately) NEEDS a "Halo" car.

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