Citroen Wild Rubis Concept

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What a stupid name. Really….

Besides that, this is pretty much what the new top of the line Citroen will look like.
Whether they call it a DS or not.

I guess they finally gave up on trying to sell a large luxury sedan. The last one was the C6 and it was pretty much a flop. Which is too bad. Seems like everywhere, all  luxury car buyers want is boring stuff.

Let’s hope they’ll have more luck with a luxury SUV/Crossover.

It’s really too bad there is no real successor to the DS and the CX anymore…

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  1. What The Heck Is A "Cotroen"?

    Anyway… The vehicle looks interesting enough though it'd be nice of they toned-down the chrome a bit.

  2. The problem with the french car is that the design is often really nice , even advanced, but the reliability is not there !!!

    This is a real shame .

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