Fiat 500 Electric priced.

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Official price starts at $32 500.
But with federal ,  California credits and other rebates (from Fiat), actual price could be under $21 000. Which is pretty amazing for an all electric car.
Even more attractive is the $199 a month lease. With only $999 down.
That is the same price as the regular 500 lease!

I think leasing is the way to go for electric car, as the technology is constantly improving.
Being able to get the all electric model for the same payments as the base gas car is quite amazing.

Sure. the Nissan Leaf is available for the same payments. With a slightly higher down payment of $1999. But it has 4 doors and is roomier than the Fiat.
But the 500 is far more fun to drive , and it does offer a Sunroof .

Fiat claims the 500e is equipped like the Lounge version. Which includes leather and Bose stereo.
Navigation is standard on the 500e.

Range is said to be 87 miles. Again, pretty similar to the Leaf.

I am a big fan of electric cars, and this is great news.

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  1. i'm really interested in buying a 500 Electric but have recently been informed (by my local dealers) that the Electric version is not planned for Las Vegas/Nevada… Even though not a day goes buy that don't see a couple testing driving around the city – Looks like 'll just have to wait and see how it alls pans out?

  2. Oh yes. So far the 500e is a California only car….

    Could you still get one over here and bring it over to Nevada? How does that work?

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