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The Viaggio is Fiat’s version of our Dodge Dart.

It’s pretty much a chromed Dart.

This Chinese commercial is so serious and obnoxious, it ends up kind of funny, in a ridiculous way.
And then, just annoying and boring…

Seems they are trying to sell the Fiat sedan as some kind of a luxury car. Showing lots of leather being touched by a half naked woman.
I guess whatever sells…

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  1. One man's Sexy Luxury Formal Sedan is another man's cheap economy car. A great way to illustrate the difference in living standards between Socialism (China-Viaggio) and Capitolism(USA-DART). Exactly the same car–from a different circumstance. Interresting.

  2. Heh…"Cheap economy car"

    What will it take for compacts to earn respect in America?

    Anyways, for Fiat to really earn luxury points in China, they'll have to have a LWB version to limo around in.

  3. What will it take for compacts to earn respect in America?

    Not gonna happen. When Americans see less car–they expect to pay less money. And they aren't the only ones (which is why a "C" "3-series" and A4 cost less than a bigger E,5 or A; and why those cost less than an S, 7 or A8. Actually, I think America is probably the ONLY place you can get a car the size of a Passat or Impala for under $30k US; everywhere else a car that size is priced like an E, A6, or 5-series (if not more).

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