Goodbye Fisker?

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Fisker is rumored to be filling for bankruptcy later this week.

Very sad. I always enjoy seeing one of these gorgeous cars around.
The convertible concept and smaller Atlantic sedan were also great looking designs.
Cars that now may never see the light of day…

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  1. This is the reason that electric cars outside the mainstream auto manufacturers will not make it. Is Tesla next?

  2. I see four or five different Model S sedans around here on a daily basis.. rarely see a Karma even though they've been out longer. Hopefully bankruptcy will allow a more competent organization to pick up the sexy Karma and expand the line down the road. The Surf was my favorite concept.

  3. There are plenty of Teslas on the road now. Once they come out with the cheaper car, it's on. As for Fisker, I really hope they figure it out.

  4. There are a couple of Fisker owner/drivers in my neighborhood (one's the local dealer) as there are a few Tesla owners, and when it all comes down to it… The Tesla Model S appears to be the far more desirable/better value of the two.

    Fairly good effort there Fisker.

  5. Glad to see them go. I am tired of my tax money making rich people richer. The company is selling a product no one wants or can afford so they have to be propped up with government money to survive which is BS. Lets start letting the market work and maybe we will see more natural gas or hydrogen cars start to make their way to dealerships instead of electric garbage. Until they develop a car that can fully charge in 5 minutes and the batteries last 10+ years then electric cars are stupid. they are only a way for big car companies to pad their EPA numbers anyway, they don't care about losing a little money here and there especially when the government is handing out tax credits to people who buy the cars that they probably wouldn't buy in the first place if there was no tax incentive.

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