Great Wall Haval H7

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Another new SUV from China.
This one is actually quite a nice surprise. Especially from the GreatWall brand which has designed some of the most horrible cars in the past.
The interior looks especially modern.

This is just fine I think. Better than others … 

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  1. Ford front and side, GOOD. Venza tailgate–fair. Unique interior: suprisingly good. Now make it safe and you're in the race!

  2. Looks pretty good, especially the interior. My only quibble is the steering wheel. No controls for phone, radio, or cruise?

  3. truth about chinese companies current and future success all lies with the current big players. The big auto manufacturers have been raping their dealers forever now, making 8-12,000 per unit that they wholesale to dealers. This is never disclosed. Yes, it can be argued that they have large overheads and they do, however, financially speaking, 3-5,000 per copy gives plenty of profit. Because of this, cars are too much money, dealers are struggling to keep afloat and the door has opened for upstarts. Yes, the chinese labour costs are lower, but not by the margins they used to be. It's greed that has allowed the chinese a foot in the door and this will only grow.

  4. I like how the speedo says about 25 while the car is sitting still.

    This does not even look like a prototype.

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