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 There’s a decent looking Honda. After all the crap we’ve seen for the past few days, this is pretty refreshing.
Not sure what it is based on, but it looks like it could make a nice addition to the US Civic line.
Unfortunately, the jade is for China only. At least for now.

This is the Concept S from last year. The Jade is the production version of this.
And for once, the production model looks 100 times better than this horrific concept.

So there might be hope for some of the concepts we’ve seen this year after all…

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  1. Didn't Honda mention when the Concept S was released that it was based upon the Fit (global subcompact platform)?

  2. The first decent thing to root about from Honda in over 2 years… impressive the disconnect between mediocre products and astronomical sales. Honda can do no wrong amongst the Honda faithful.

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