Infiniti M37 test drive coming up.

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I am now driving the M37 for a few more days.
If you have any questions.

So far… It is very fast. Solid and quiet. Superb interior finish.
But what a rough ride for a luxury car. And that horrible airbrushed looking wood trim is still not working for me. At all.
It ruins what is otherwise a great interior.

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  1. Because:

    -It will be more than a month or two before the Q70 is available.
    -An all new design is still years away.
    -The Q70 will be basically the same car with a new name. (Just like the QX60/JX)
    -Infiniti has offered me to drive one for a week. Why would I say no…

  2. Curious if you find it a sporty or a sports sedan. And how is the ride with the 20s? Any comparos?

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