Honda M Concept: redefining the meaning of “ugly”.

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Just when you though Honda had designed the ugliest car ever with the Crider, a new contender emerges: The new Honda M Concept.

I really don’t know what to say.

Even though this is a concept, you know it will go on sale next year. Just like the Crider was a concept last year.
And just like the ugly sedan, this is for the Chinese market.

What is happening???
What happened to Honda???

This is like living in the Bizarro world. This is actually worse than most recent Chinese designs.

What kind of  design studio would let this out in the open???

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  1. This and the Acura "SUvX" as well as the Crider were designed for and to be sold in the Chinese market. Vince one persons "Ugly" is a Chinese dream…I guess. A design so bold and daring you'll love it long time.

  2. at least they got rid of the kink under the rear side windows so it no longer looks like it's been "rear-ended". But this does give me a migrain if I look at it for too long.

  3. Wow…Toyoda and Honda are in an all out war with the Chinese designers to create the worse looking car known to man.


  4. I believe that THIS is the actual point where you just say… some asses in our design group/product management need to be fired. Seriously, anyone from Honda that would have the balls to tell me this is in any way a serious offering…. I'd laugh in their faces.

    Welcome to more lowered sales expectations. Honda (and Acura) now have to have more models just to keep the sales expectations up. How about producing some great cars like you used to do, and sell more of them?

  5. Garish. Obnoxious. Ostentacious to an extreme fault. Fail. Cluttered. Erratic. Scitsophrenic. Exacerbated. Deformed. Demented. Honda. LOST

  6. Honda must be very impressed with Chinese dragons. But, hey, at least we are getting a new grille we did not have since…… yesterday.

  7. It's so clear that the Japanese must truly hate the Chinese to actually propose this ghastly mess!

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