Kia’s boring sedan for China: The Horki

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Kia is creating a new cheaper brand for the Chinese market.  Pretty much everyone is doing it, even BMW.

As we saw before, the Chinese buyers don’t want too much excitement in their sedans.
Which is why Ford is bringing them back the Escort.
This is Kia’s answer. Based on the Forte. But cheaper.

Again, a much better design than the Honda Crider disaster.
Another proof that Honda has really lost it as far as designing cars go….
Everyone else in the world is designing nicer looking cars.

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  1. "As we saw before, the Chinese buyers don't want too much excitement in their sedans."

    that's friggin hilarious, the Chinese auto market has WAY more choices and selections than the watered-downed north american market, even if you exclude Chinese domestic and China-only brands. It's like saying the downtown mega mall is boring while standing in a tiny corner store

  2. Gotta disagree about this design being boring as it's looking pretty clean, modern. elegant and dynamic in these pics.

    It's so nice to see that Kia hasn't fallen victim to the silly superfluous surface slashes strewn about the vehicle to try to make up for a boring overall design e,g Mercedes CLA.

    Keep Up The Great Work Kia!

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