Live Pix of the Geely Emgrand KC Concept

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This seems even better looking in person.
Quite amazing for a Chinese company. Although this is after all, a European design.

It would even make a really nice “Next Volvo S80″…

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  1. so weird you said that. I was looking at it and thinking how little would need to be changed to Volvo-ize it….

  2. Beautiful… There's a lot of Peter Schreyer/Kia in the exterior design a a nice helping of (minimalistic) WOW in the interior.

  3. That crease at the hood hinge IS Volvo.

    The interior is just melted S80 with a ton more tech.

    While the rear doesn't scream "Sweden" to me, all you'd need to do for the front is put a Volvo badge on it and I'd believe it.

  4. Break out the champaigne! Geely FINALLY has a design that isn't bizarrly atrocious! Now about occupant SAFETY…

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