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 Besides the few design changes, the big news for the “regular” Panamera is the V8 being replaced by a new 3.0 V6 Turbo. With actually more power at 420HP. With a 7 speed auto standard. No manula is available anymore…
Starts at $78 000

 The all new Plug In Hybrid is said to have a range of “over 20 miles” on electric power only.
It has 416HP with an 8 speed auto. Charges in 2 1/2 hours with a 240 outlet.
Starts at $99 000

And then, there is this. A long wheelbase version. Mostly for the Chinese market, available as 4S or Turbo.
This starts at $125 000.

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  1. Though I'm glad they got rid of that ridiculous dip in the bottom of the headlight, and revised the air intakes, they ignored the fat, emotionless rear end. Disappointment

  2. 11thirteen – You forgot to mention in the disappointment department that the littly tiny sheet of glass on the roof that is apparently a sunroof…from the early 80's. Where is the glass roof?

  3. Even worse is that it appears that the base model (see: Red One) doesn't even have a sunroof at all!

    Completely Ludicrous For ANY Vehicle At This Price.

  4. I like it. Especially the LWB version. Interior is one of the best in this A8/S/7 class of cars. I would never consider a 911 or ANY 2-door PORSCHE, but this is definitely a vialble option. And actually, the ONLY PORSCHE I would buy!

  5. I agree it's not the best designed car too look at, but there is something about this car that gives me happy pants when I'm near one… especially when inside one.

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