New GM Pick-up truck coming….

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The new model will be sold as a Chevrolet and GMC. And it is coming to the US late 2014.

An all new Colorado has been on sale in other country since last year.
But it might not be what we will be getting here in the US.

Here is what Mark Reuss fro GM has said so far about it:

“The new Chevy midsize pickup will be aimed at the lifestyle pickup buyer. The GMC version will be aimed at fleet buyers and small business owners.
There is a new opportunity to gain market share with the new midsize trucks that will be larger than the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon.
This is going to be a new truck, a new size of truck with a new set of powertrains in those trucks”
It will be larger than a Toyota Tacoma”.

So at first it looks like these trucks will not be the Colorado sold overseas.
The new Colorado is almost 5 inches longer than the new one. Which might be what they mean by “Larger than the Colorado”.
And a few inches longer than a Tacoma. Although the double ca version of the Toyota is longer.

So it looks like GM might have something all new for the US. Although the Overseas Colorado is only about 10 inches shorter than the equivalent Silverado.
Is it worth it?
Should they go for the “compact” market instead?

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  1. Really liking the look of this… Especially the double-cab version, so I'm hoping that the U.S. version won't 'look' too different.

  2. "The new Colorado is almost 5 inches longer than the new one."

    So Vince, does that statement mean it will be 5 inches longer than itself?

    Either way, I thought they'd make a true smaller pickup. This is larger than the Tacoma and the Tacoma of today is almost as large as the F150 was 10 years ago, so this is basically another full size pick up.

  3. That is a horrible looking vehicle. Hopefully they do have something different planned for the US. The smaller truck market has taken a hammering in the last couple years with the loss of the Dakota and Ranger. Chevy needs to step up and make an awesome smaller truck. The truck in these pictures definitely isn't it.

  4. It all comes down to MPG & price. What killed the Dakota was the fact that full-size RAMs were on the same lot with better gas mileage and the same starting price. These Chevys will have to get outstanding MPG to avoid the same trap. It they do that–they will be much more successful than any other "mini" truck. If not–they'll go the way of the Dakota. Tacoma only exists because the Tundra has WORST-in-class mileage, over inflated pricing, and goofy styling (except for the newest version which has almost an exact duplication of Fords F150 interior, Chevy fenders, and a front that looks like a Dodge-Ford Morph.) We'll see if the Tacoma still sells with the improved Tundra around.

  5. I don't think America should be 100% full-size pickup country. But this will definitely need some America-friendly headlights.

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