New Mitsubishi Galant coming up

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This is the Concept ZT we saw back in 2007. That’s a while.
Since, nothing. No new Galant.

Now Mitsubishi claims the Galant sedan will be back in the US soon. (As well as a larger SUV)
This design is now 6 years old.
Mitsubishi will need something amazing to be able to compete in the US market again.

They put no effort in their last Galant. And the new Mirage has “fail” written all over it. Offering nothing more than slightly better mileage, over the competition.

Good luck…

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  1. It's pretty inevitable that Mitsubishi abandon the U.S. market sooner than later (much as U.S. buyers have abandoned Mitsubishi's cars already).

    It's highly unlikely that anything based upon this concept will do much to help Mitsubishi's current woes.

  2. A nice differentiation would be rear-drive. Why doesn't one of these brands take the plunge?

    This concept could still work.

  3. Call me crazy, but I remain optimistic about Mitsubishi in the U.S. Unlike Suzuki, they don't seem to care if they don't make much money for a bit of time while they restart and revamp their entire lineup. Their newer cars don't seem poorly engineered or built, although I agree the latest Mirage is a bit of a womp-womper. However, with that car being so simple it will be easy to modify.

    Eventually they'll realise that all we want is an Evo with a turbocharger the side of a watermelon or an AWD system with electric motors at all four corners.

  4. Sadly, that never-produced ZT concept is still way more distinctive and handsome than most of the competition's fresher designs that have made it to production.

  5. Mitsubishi is going no where. At least not in the U.S. And even if they decide to continue hemorrhaging cash in a futile attempt to remain in our market they will be relegated to bit player status.


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