Next Mercedes C-Class

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Looks like the next C-Class will look a lot like a baby S-Class. A usual.
The rear light seem very similar to the all new S Class.

The C Class will bring a new diesel engine to the US when it comes over. As well as a Hybrid version, a year later.
To better compete with the 3 series, it will be again offered as a coupe, but also as a new convertible.

The new wagon will, again, stay in Europe.

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  1. Looks too small, dowdy and insignificant… Like Mercedes version of the Toyota Corolla (except with an astronomical price tag).


  2. I don't know…

    It's a "dumpy" plump cross between the E and the S, which is a waste, since it could have been an entirely different creature, while maintaining a similar styling direction as the rest of the MB lineup.

    Especially wih the placement of the LED's so low on the front…

    But, from what little I can tell… I do like the side profile of the greenhouse. Extremely modern, and I think it'll look much better against a different background then snow. The rear end won't be too bad either.

    The main thing I'm concerned about is the shoulder line that runs along the side of the car below the window line… where is it? If it is just the lighting and the angle of the camera, and this thing actually has the bends in the sheetmetal that the current S-class, CLS, GL, and ALS all have, then fine, but from what I can see, it seems to look like an unexpressive blank canvas. We'll see.

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