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A Chevrolet Caprice. The one GM is NOT selling in the US. The one which is pretty much a Chevy version of the Holden.
In Burbank!
No manufacturer’s plate. Everything regular.

Not sure how that person got the car…

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  1. It's probably undercover police. Strange that it's in Burbank, though, since they just bought a bunch of Dodge Chargers to begin to replace their fleet of Crown Vics.

  2. Isn't the Caprice the car Chevy sells to the police? It appears you were looking at an unmarked police car, Vince.

  3. Yes… It's the same (general) version of the one 'they're selling as a police car'.

    Interesting how much this resembles D3/2002–2009 Audi A8 from the angle provided.

  4. Some people were able to purchase them when they first came out from dealers via a loophole, even tho they were not intended for retail sales, only fleet.

  5. Believe it or not, but many of these Zeta-based Caprices are already available on the used-car market for civilians to buy and own as private vehicles.

    And some dealerships sell brand-new versions with 30 miles or so as "used" if a buyer is determined to get one.

    In fact, the Criswell Chevy dealership in Silver Spring, MD, exploited a loophole and was able to dress up a bunch of detective-series Caprices with nicer alloy wheels and other features before selling them as brand-new to civilians. But it wasn't too long before GM's lawyers closed the loophole and forced the dealership to cease and desist.

  6. I showed this a law enforcement friend of mine who concluded that it was most likely an undercover vehicle.

    He said they had a couple of them in Vegas as well… which is what this appears to be.

  7. This IS sold in the US, and it is sold as a police cruiser.

    How do you not know this and run a car blog??? They have been talking about this vehicle for over a year, and major automotive magazines have done comparisons with the Charger and Ford Police Interceptor.

  8. As a general observation, when a car is known to be only sold to law enforcement, it doesn't make for the best "undercover" vehicle. When you see one in a regular paint job, the chances of it being anything under than a cop/detective are slim, so it's not exactly the most stealthy vehicle.

  9. Lol… Agreed, but when a vehicle design is as generic/anonymous as this (especially in this color), few outside of we 'car geeks' will notice it anyway.

    Seems pretty 'stealthy' when you think about it.

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